Friday, April 23, 2010

How To Look Beautiful By using Milk

Every body wants to look good and usually the simple things that we find in the house hold are much more effective and also save us loads of money. Take Milk for instance

1) We all know that we should cleanse our face everyday. Many cleansing lotions are available in the market for the same. We also use it for removing our make up. But the next time try using milk, gently rub some warm milk all over you face and see how beautifully it removes all dirt or make up from your face. You can keep it for a while and then wash it off with Luke warm water.

2)Mix two tablespoon of milk in one teaspoon of salt and apply on the face at bedtime. This makes the skin petal soft and silken smooth.

3)We have all heard about the Famous Queen Cleopatra who is known for her beauty. Little does anyone know that Cleopatra used to have a bath in Milk and Honey. Naturally the people knew the benefits of the products and were using it to the full capacity. This is because milk is  a natural exfoliate and at the same time milk is absorbed into the deep layers of skin accelerating cell renewal, moisturizing and smoothing around the cells.Honey with its high sugar content and some elements in it help prevent certain bacteria.

 4)for those who want a fairer completion, grind few almonds and mix it with milk and apply all over your face.

5)An Excellent facial mask can be prepared by taking a tablespoon of gram flour and mixing in a big pinch of turmeric powder, one-fourth teaspoon of orange peel powder, a teaspoon of beaten curd and a teaspoon of milk. Apply on the face and neck. When the skin starts feeling taut, rub it with your hands until it glows. Then, wash with tap water.

6)Another facial mask can be prepared by miking milk cream with 2 tablespoon honey and lemon juice.

7)For tightening the skin use the dry milk cream from the sides of the vessel in which it was boiled, mix it with honey and rose water and apply all over face. Wash after 10-15 minutes.

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