Saturday, May 1, 2010

Relaxation Techniques

Stress is a common problem these days but the problems it brings are not ones that can be ignored, for instance it causes high BP, heart attacks, anger, indigestion, stomach ulcers,Fatigue, weakness, body pains, irritability, Sexual- Impotence or Frigidity, depression, suicidal tendencies etc. the list is long but I have no intentions of scaring you. (If I haven't already). It is a silent killer and better to be aware of it than not.

How to Get rid of Stress

1)It is essential that you take necessary steps in order to get rid of this feeling of stress. The most accurate way would be to get yourself completely relaxed, sit in a comfortable position and allow your thoughts to wander. Take in deep breaths and Imagine that with each breath in, you’re breathing in comfort and relaxation, and with each breath out, you’re breathing out any discomfort or worry. Start with your ankles, your ankle joints, your calf and calf muscles, and gradually focus on each part of the body asking it to relax itself completely. Tell it that there is no pain or stress in any part of your body. Once you have finished it, see in your mind's eye that all your problems have disappeared and you are relaxed and smiling. See yourself feeling completely light and free from all problems.Relax and open your eyes. Enjoy the change in your self!!

2) The main problem in anyone's life is a gap in the communication, be it in your home or at the house, if you are frustrated, find out the reason for the frustration and then address the issue, instead of bottling it up, it will serve two purposes, i) make you feel better and ii) the other person might not know about your discomfort and will make efforts to get things right in future.
3)Write down whatever is troubling you,writing it down will solve half your problems. 
4)Prioritize, don't try to get everything done at the same time. Attack the most important items first.

5) Exercise!! Exercise can cause release of chemicals called endorphins into your blood stream. These give you a feeling of happiness and positively affect your overall sense of well-being.It improves blood flow to your brain, bringing additional sugars and oxygen that may be needed when you are thinking intensely.

 6) Another effective method would be to have a massage, it will relax you completely and make you feel loads better.

7) Have a steam bath, it improves blood circulation, relieves stress and gets rid of pain in the bosy. It will also give you a healthy glowing skin.

8) learn to say "NO", don't do what you don't feel comfortable doing. Don't do it just because you have to, Do it because you Want to.


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